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When you’ll never be a royal (Or, on being who you actually are, right now)


Lately, it feels like court cards are coming up an awful lot when I do readings, sneaking in no matter what question I’m contemplating or what story I’m trying to explore. They turn up in the simplest spreads and the most complex. I’ll be hoping for a poignant major card to reveal itself, so I can smile knowingly while feeling wise and connected to deep universal truths, like a real tarot reader. But instead, here’s yet another page or queen, looking smug, forcing me to think up even more possible meanings for these images I’ve been seeing over and over for weeks.

(I get it, court cards. I’ve always shunned you a bit, and now that I’m listening, you have all sorts of things to tell me about what’s up with my shit. Okay. Just stop trying to forcibly take over my blog, maybe?)

Today when I threw my cards, the story was one that comes up a lot for me. I’ve mentioned before that I’ve got a very swords-heavy personality. But I’ve always been drawn to the wands, in real life as well as in tarot. Wands people are warm and sharp at the same time, like a shot of cinnamon liquor. They make you feel like something special is happening no matter what, and like you’re right in the middle of it. Or at least, they’re right in the middle of it, and maybe if you’re lucky you’ll be along for the ride.

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Daily draw: Page of Wands

Page of Wands

I pulled this card reversed a couple days ago, as a daily draw exercise. Drawing a card each day (or, okay, most days) is a new practice for me, so I’m not sure if I’ll continue to consider reversals or not. But I think it will be good practice for me to look at reversed cards outside the context of a spread. Just in the context of my day.

As a page, this little guy stands for a younger person, or for qualities that are developing and “childlike.” I almost always look at the court cards as being aspects of personality, except when the spread seems to indicate it’s definitely a real person.

I usually think of this page as being inspiration/creativity in its early, fragile, exciting phase, before things really start to happen. While I was looking at it this time, I noticed the way the page is gazing up at the top of the staff, almost beyond it to the sky. There’s idealism there, as well as inspiration.

Appropriately enough, I connected this card with my recent re-dedication to taroty things, and this new journal in particular. The reversal, in that context, could be a warning not to stay a page forever. Enjoy the initial spark, but move on to a later stage or risk losing interest. This character can be a dilettante if she never stops gazing dreamily at every cool new thing that inspires her. She’s got to stoke the fire and get things cooking on it.

So here’s my post, in honor of the Page of Wands.