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The King of Cups probably disapproves of you, but is too well-bred to say anything

King of Cups

Ah, this guy. The King of Cups. I’ve always had a really hard time connecting with this card. In the contest of which tarot character I’d least like to have dinner with, it’s a toss-up between this dude and the Hierophant. I mean, Death and the Devil at least seem like they’d be interesting conversationalists.

I know this king has good qualities, but the Waite Smith imagery is so… stiff. There he sits, stiffly, looking into the middle distance like you’ve just burped and he’s politely ignoring you. I never really got how he can embody anything but disapproval and emotional repression.

But earlier this week, I did a reading that might have changed my mind. It was the confidence spread over at Little Red Tarot (a quick but highly useful spread, so check it out!). A couple of the positions relate to existing strengths, and when I flipped over the first of those cards, who did I see but the King of Cups. That dude.

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