Loose Leaf Tarot


tarot box and cards

Hi! I’m Mary.

I’ve been reading tarot since I bought my first deck at 14. I was staying the night with a friend, and we spent the evening roaming loose through the mall. (This was probably one of the last times shopping without an adult would seem like a minor adventure.) When I went to the bookstore counter clutching a bright yellow Rider Waite Smith box, I felt like I was signing up for something so cool, only a night of absolute freedom could have made it possible. I even had the exact right amount of pocket money. It was, like, meant to be.

That was over a decade ago, and the amount of time I’ve spent with my cards has ebbed and flowed, but I still have that original deck. There’s a lot of me shuffled into it. Lately, I’ve decided I want to take this whole tarot thing more seriously, to stop relying on bullet points in guidebooks that just confirm what I’ve already learned. My goal is to read more intuitively, to really dig into the narratives the cards can tell. I’m also a writer, and nothing is more fun to me than thinking about stories.

This blog is where I’m planning to polish up entries from my tarot journal, but I’m also hoping to share ideas with other tarot-folk along the way. I personally use the cards as a tool for getting at unconscious layers of thought, not for predicting the future, so that’s the approach I take when I journal about spreads or card images. (See my tarot manifesto here.)

If you stop by, let me know what you think, and maybe share some stories of your own.



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