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Daily draw: Three of Pentacles


three of pents

The first thing I noticed when I drew this card yesterday was how awesome the robed figure in the foreground looks. Check out the spotted cape-onesie with tentacle hood! It’s like a medieval thneed*. This person is clearly an artist of some sort, probably an architect judging by the plans in her hand. She’s discussing important, artsy things with a craftsperson and a monk, and they are very politely ignoring how batshit/brilliant her outfit is.

Together these three can represent the foundational elements needed for starting a successful project: creativity and planning (the architect), spirit and intellect (the monk), skill and labor (the craftsperson). They echo the three pentacles in the unfinished stained glass window above them. It’s early stages, but between the three of them, they have what they need to start adding to the scaffolding.

The visual reference of the cathedral can have meaning as well. All projects, no matter how great or small, start here, at the foundations. And you never know how great a project might turn out to be, if you put all of yourself into it.

I drew this card reversed, which reminds me that even if I’ve been feeling a little mentally scattered lately, that doesn’t mean I can’t keep working on the foundations of the projects I’ve got going on. It may feel like it’ll be a long time before I have flying buttresses and gargoyles, but I’ll get there faster if I pay attention to all the key building blocks now.



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5 thoughts on “Daily draw: Three of Pentacles

  1. Another great post!

  2. Hi Mary. I’ve just discovered your blog and I like how you write about tarot. I appreciate the way you’ve interpreted the three figures as aspects of ourselves instead of three actual people

  3. Thanks to you both for the feedback!

  4. what are your thoughts on Tarot decks other than rider-waite? One of the decks that I’ve recieved good readings with was the motherpeace deck. Doesn’t the art on the card have much to do with your interpretation of the reading? Some of them seem terrible to me, and bad art makes me question the use and tradition of tarot cards in general

    • Hey, sorry your comment sat for so long, I’ve been pretty absent from the internet lately.

      The art on the cards absolutely has a lot to do with interpreting a reading, and I think most tarot users have preferences about what kind of art they like. When I pick up a new deck, some of the cards have similar symbols to other decks I know, and some will be very different. To me, that’s part of what’s interesting about using different decks. The fact that there are variations in symbolism and meaning doesn’t bother me, it just means there are plenty of options out there. Certain decks really appeal to me visually and evoke an instinctive response, while other decks don’t click with anything in my subconscious. That’s what’s cool about tarot – it’s unique to each reader, and there’s a whole range available of how traditional you want to go when picking your favorite decks.

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